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First & Last | Tenth Doctor + The Powell Estate

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Misha at JIBcon 2014 [x]
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Jared is known to be very generous to his loved ones and it seems to be very true as we can see in his behavior toward Jensen. Indeed, after buying him a PSP so that they could play together between takes, Jared also bought for his buddy a very nice watch. It’s after noticing Jensen admire the watch he had bought for himself that Jared bought him the same one a few days later. Furthermore, Jared also bought him an electric-eye (a device used to measure light) for his birthday because Jensen is interested in photography. According to Jared: What’s the point of having money other than making people around you happy?” [x]

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Just ranting and raving, carry on my wayward children.

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#these men are entrusted with the fate of the world on a DAILY BASIS

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