"Accidents don't just happen accidentally!"

another meme i won’t finish ● {4/20} female characters - Charlie Bradbury

➝ I was drunk! It was comic-con!

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…always with the Holy Water

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"He is a brother on and off screen, and we’ll forever have a friendship that is a lot different than most, because it’s really truly unique because of what we’ve gone through together, and it’s been quite an amazing ride" - Jensen Ackles

"I feel like I’d be doing a disservice if I tried to put into words what I’ve learned from Jensen, with Jensen; we’ve literally grown up together… We went from single twenty-somethings to fathers, husbands, and it’s hard to kind of quantify with a few short sentences exactly what all that encompasses." - Jared Padalecki

"He’ll be apart of my life for the rest of my life"

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Wait isn’t this from a fic I’m really confused I don’t remember this episode

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x Your welcome

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Bonus Pat on the Back from Jared:


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Winchesters + light vs dark

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I would give anything,

My heart, my soul, my life,

Just to take it all back,

And set things right.

I know where I went wrong.

I know what's wrong with me.

I know what I've become.

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Only then can I awake, direct my own arrow.

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